Tower of God Episode 2 Review – The Regulars, and Irregulars

GOAT! TURTLE! Rak is rambunctious and we love him for his personality.  

Crunchyroll describes episode two of Tower of God as:

Bam overcomes Headon’s test and ascends to the second level of the tower.

“The Black March” Bam received from Yuri catches the attention of Khun, who toys with him. Together they aim for the top, but…

After a gripping premiere, the second episode follows by slowly revealing more about the Tower and how it functions. We get a better understanding of the setting as Bam continues to find his footing in the Tower. Bam gets the chance to have his questions about Irregulars and the Tower answered, which is an expected but welcome approach to delivering exposition.

We get to hear more of the fantastic score. Warning sirens, strings, and percussion are the focus of a new battle track collaboration between Kevin Penkin and Raj Ramayya

The Tower of God cast grows not only in quantity but also notoriety. Kenjiro Tsuda makes his debut as the ranker, Lero-Ro, and Daisuke Ono joins as the voice of the lethargic Phonsekal Laure. We hope to see more of their characters because we love to hear them talk. 

A couple instances of chibi artwork of Bam, Khun, and Rak add some levity to the show and help to contrast the comparatively grim battle royale from the previous episode. In general, the second episode has a more fun tone when compared to the intensity of the first.

Part of this comedy comes from newly introduced characters, such as Shibisu. He’s presented as a kind of annoying group mate in an important group project who does all the talking, but does none of the work. As much as you don’t want him, you’re forced to work with him in order to pass your class. 

Only time will tell how many of these characters survive, whether through skill or perhaps through sheer luck. But as Lero-Ro said, in order to climb the tower, you’ll need luck on your side. 

Tower of God is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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