C3AFA Singapore 2019 Day 2: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Panel Report

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Slime) was featured on the second day of C3AFA Singapore 2019. Miho Okasaki (voice actress of Rimuru) and Chikahiro Kobayashi (voice actor of Ranga) were present to share their experience of working on the Slime anime.

Initial Take on Slime’s Characters

Okasaki-san was initially surprised that the main character was a slime. She thought that Rimuru was a cute character and felt there were a lot of differences between her and Rimuru at first. However, she was later drawn towards Rimuru’s kind personality, which was best shown in Rimuru’s interactions with Ranga. 

During the voice acting process, she felt that the differences laid in their respective ages and experiences, especially with Rimuru as a 37-year-old salaryman. She also shared that she sometimes doesn’t understand older Japanese memes and gags. However, her senpai have always been teaching her and guiding her so that she could understand them better, and she is grateful for their guidance and help.

Meanwhile, Kobayashi-san felt that Ranga has a similar personality as “a Japanese samurai with a code of honor”. The reason was that Ranga was originally an enemy of Rimuru, but became his underling and cute dog after losing to him.

Memorable Moments From Working on Slime

Kobayashi-san’s most memorable scene was in episode 21 of Slime. It was a gag moment where Rimuru reenacts a scene from an old-school drama and Ranga is supposed to pant at his parody attempt. However, Kobayashi-san didn’t know whether to pant in excitement at Rimuru’s joke or at Rimuru’s failure to execute the joke well, which caused a lot of confusion and amusement for him. On the other hand, Okasaki-san preferred the scene from episode eight, where Shizu and Rimuru talk during Shizu’s final moments. She found it to be a very touching scene. 

Okasaki-san also revealed that there were many fun and amusing moments amongst the voice acting cast. She spoke of Rimuru’s whistling scene in episode one and how she didn’t know how to whistle. The voice actress had to consult her more experienced senpai. They tried to give her advice and even practiced with her. However, no matter how much she tried, she could only blow through her mouth and teeth. When the recording started, the sound director said to her that, “Slimes can’t whistle, so anything works”, leading her to find the whole experience amusing.

The Upcoming Season 2 of Slime

Okasaki-san shared that she was extremely excited for Season 2 as she had been hoping for it to happen. The long break between both seasons helped her to develop more excitement and positive feelings for the anime. She revealed there are many new characters coming up, and she was excited to see how Rimuru and his friends continue to develop and change as they meet and interact with these new faces. Kobayashi-san then expressed his conviction to do his best for Season 2 alongside Okasaki-san and the rest of the team.

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