Netflix Animated Series Dino Girl Gauko – First Impressions

Earlier this year, Netflix green-lit a children’s anime series Dino Girl Gauko directed by Akira Shingo, who is known for his directorial work in Crayon Shin-chan, Line Town, Osomatsu-kun, and Yatterman (remake). The upcoming show provides a fantastic entry point for younger fans of anime. For fans that grew up with Osomatsu-kun, Dino Girl Gauko stays true to simple comedic reliefs while exploring the basic, yet relatable moments in life. 

via Netflix

The goofy facial expressions and subtle yet recognizable tropes, such as exaggerated food portions and “handsome-looking anime eyes, eyebrows and mouth” facial cameos, gives it the feel like any other anime series. The show also leaves you smiling and finding each unique yet wide case of character lovable in their own ways. 

While it may not appease the typical anime viewer who is familiar with Netflix’s extensive catalog of original anime series including Devilman Crybaby, Dino Girl Gauko is a fantastic recommendation for families and young viewers who are looking to dive into anime. 

The short yet pleasant opening theme is also dubbed in various languages, including the original Japanese, English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin. 

Netflix describes the show as: 

In this Netflix original animated comedy series set in Japan, Naoko Watanabe is a typical 14 year old, except that she possesses a strange gift and curse. When her anger exceeds a maximum level she turns into Gauko the fire breathing dinosaur girl!

Dino Girl Gauko is scheduled for release on 22 November on Netflix, featuring 20 short seven minutes episodes.  

Special thanks to Netflix for the press preview.   

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