Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken – Anime NYC 2019 First Impressions

Eizouken premiered at Anime NYC 2019

After the hit anime show Devilman Crybaby debuted on Netflix in January 2018, Science SARU returns in 2020 with a brand-new TV anime series adapting Sumito Owara’s manga, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken. Studio co-founder Eunyoung Choi was invited to Anime NYC 2019 to present the world premiere of the show.

Eizouken follows the journey of three high school girls who want to create an anime. Midori Asakusa is an aspiring videographer who is extremely detail-oriented with her drawings, but lacks the courage to create anime on her own. She manages to convince her close friend Sayaka Kanamori to join her and later recruits Tsubame Mizusaki, a former model who has a passion to animate. Together, the trio forms the Eizouken club (Video Research Club) in order to bring their story to life. Choi highlighted that the three are the embodiments of a director, producer and animator.

During the panel, Choi explained that while discussing the possibility of animating Eizouken, Director Masaaki Yuasa exclaimed that he had already read the manga series, much to the surprise of the Science SARU staff. Yuasa-san is known to vanity search his name on the internet and noticed readers of the Eizouken source material commenting that he (Yuasa-san) was the only person who could do the series justice.

Within the first fifteen minutes of Eizouken’s premiere, Science SARU presented itself as a key pioneer in the anime industry with its unique designs, animations, and sound effects. The show is very reminiscent of Ghibli films with its highly stylized aesthetic, ranging from the high school’s eccentric setting to the distinct yet simple character design. 

When given the task to adapt Midori’s backstory, the studio chose to animate it through her childish doodles. These included rough designs of buildings and stick figures that she observed throughout her childhood, which eventually culminated into a messy transition of scribbles. Accompanying the animation were the hilarious sputtering sound effects that were not only comedic, but added a sense of child-like realism to the scenes. 

Considering these efforts, there is a resounding confidence that Yuasa, Choi, and Science SARU are on track to put their own personal twist on this adorable yet highly engaging show. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken is slated to premiere January 2020 in Japan with streaming details coming soon. 

Special thanks to Warner Bros Japan and Eunyoung Choi for the opportunity. An interview article featuring Eunyoung Choi is coming soon.

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