Section23 Films Announces February 2020 Slates including Food Wars! Third Plate, Real Girls

Section23 Films, the home release video distributor for Sentai Filmwork titles, announced its upcoming February 2020 Blu-ray and DVD releases. Titles include The Magnificent Kotobuki, Grave of the Firefiles SteelbookReal Girl, Space Brothers #0, and Food Wars! The Third Plate

Food Wars! Third Plate will be receiving the limited-edition premium box treatment and is scheduled for release February 25, 2020. The fourth season is currently simulcasting on Crunchyroll. 

The Magnificent Kotobuki blu-ray release is set for February 4, 2020. Grave of the Firefiles Steelbook Blu-ray street date is slated for February 11, 2020 while both Real Girl and Space Brothers #0 will be released on February 18, 2020. 

All announced titles are available for pre-order on RightStuf Anime

Collector’s Box via RightStuf Anime

Section23 Films describes the Food Wars! Third Plate as:

Young Soma Yukihira – who has honed his cooking skills while working as an assistant at “Yukihira,” the family eatery – has successfully entered Tohtsuki Fine Dining Academy, a cooking school for the ultra elite. At the academy, he meets various chefs and develops his skills while striving to create his own unique brand of cooking. It is during the Lunar Feast, a time-honored Tohtsuki tradition, that Soma chooses to take on one of the members of The Ten, which comprises the academy’s most accomplished chefs. Meanwhile, Azami Nakiri – the father of one of Soma’s fellow students – has worked behind the scenes to found Central, a pivotal organization dedicated to haute cuisine, yet has remained barred from cooking aside from select recipes taught in his lectures. Finding themselves at opposition with how Central operates, Soma and some of the other Tohtsuki students decide to stand and confront this threat head-on. As this is going on, Soma and the others will be faced with the Promotional Exam, referred to as one of the greatest hurdles at Tohtsuki. An even more heated battle is about to begin!

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