Studio TRIGGER’s Promare Anime Film Interview

After much anticipation since its announcement at Anime Expo 2017, studio TRIGGER’s anime movie Promare will hit US theaters on September 17 (dubbed) and 19 (subbed) and Canadian theaters on September 22 and 23. We had the wonderful opportunity to ask studio TRIGGER prior to the upcoming theatrical release. (Studio TRIGGER as a team worked together on their response). 

Throughout the film, Promare has a lot of theme and moments around the “eye.” From Kray Foresight’s last name to moments with Lio and Kray. What was the purpose and thought process behind that?

Kray is a character who read ahead on what could happen in the future and acted accordingly. That’s why he got that name, and we set the motif around that name.

The soundtrack was composed by Hiroyuki Sawano and added another layer of excitement to the show. Could you explain how Sawano was approached to compose the film’s music and the process of incorporating the soundtrack to the movie?

I thought we had good chemistry when we worked together on Kill la Kill.

We had him complete the music first, and we edited them accordingly to match the animation.


What led to the creation of a movie specifically about firefighters (which are inspired off of old Japanese hikeshi) fighting against “evil”?

The theme of “fire” came first, and then as a job to battle fire, firefighters were chosen.

The concept of “fire” in Promare is both used on a literal and metaphorical level, where it can represent the burning soul or a superpower. After completing this movie, what does the word “fire” mean to you?

It’s very similar to the urge to create, and it swells up inside without reason and it’s hard to extinguish.

Galo is an amazing character. Despite all the adversity and the obstacles he faces, he stays true to himself and always saves people, no matter how much they betray him. What kind of impression does Galo leave on you, as the producers of the show?

He is a strong character that doesn’t waver. In real life, it’s hard to live like him. I think that’s why he’s such an appealing character.


In the world of Promare, Kray had all the access to technology, knowledge (with science, researchers, etc)., and information about the Burnishers. Instead of proceeding as he did in the movie, do you think he could’ve done something else?

I think Kray did everything he could on his own.

Usually, firefighters in the real world fight fire with water but in Promare, the Burning Rescue Fire Department uses ice and deep freezing methods. Why ice instead of water? 

Because the Burnish solidify fire to use them as swords, there was a need for the Rescue Department to solidify water into ice to fight them.


In Promare, a lot of the action sequences (such as the blasting of ice, the burning of flames, and Lio’s dragon form) all have a geometric and CGI design to it. This is very different from the usual TRIGGER style, but totally welcomed! How did TRIGGER decide to change up their usual style for Promare?

I feel that the effects of Promare are dependent on 3DCG.

So instead of something similar to live-action, we wanted to make it as abstract as we possibly can and make a simpler design. That way it was more to my taste, and I thought that it would match well with the hand-drawn animation.

What was your favorite scene while producing Promare and why? 

I’m attached to all of the scenes, so I would like the audience to see all of them.

Thank you to GKIDS for the interview opportunity. Tickets are now on sale for the theatrical release on the official website

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