Crunchyroll Mascot to be Exclusive Character in Grand Summoners RPG

Crunchyroll’s anime mascot, Crunchyroll-Hime, will be joining the Grand Summoners RPG game as an exclusive playable character from August 28 till October 31.

The mascot will be available during the anime-inspired mobile RPG’s Kitsune Herofest Adventure event alongside her black feline companion, Yuzu. The Crunchyroll mascot is said to be the game’s first Fire-type-healer-attacker combo character and can even revive herself once per battle. Hime will also have themed Equips in Equip Summons. Meanwhile, Yuzu will mimic Crunchyroll-Hime’s moves with “1:1 animation”.

Free rare items and in-game currency will be offered as login bonuses in celebration of the mascot’s addition. Those who log in during Crunchyroll Expo this weekend can expect chat-stickers and surprises as well.

Crunchyroll-Hime is voiced by Rian Tachibana, who also voices Grand Summoners’ Ice Queen Selia. She will be present at the Crunchyroll Games Industry panel during Crunchyroll Expo, where she will share more about her role.

Grand Summoners has done multiple collaborations before, notably with anime like Goblin Slayer, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Golden Kamuy, and KILL la KILL. The game is published by Crunchyroll Games along with Good Smile Company and NextNinja.

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