Attack on Titan TACTICS Mobile Game Review

Attack on Titan’s Season 3 Part 2 was a great Spring 2019 anime hit, closing up loose ends of the story and bringing plot points together with a barrage of flashbacks. Although the fourth season of the anime has been announced to premiere in late 2020, the Attack on Titan TACTICS mobile game is set to release this Fall, allowing fans to experience the story behind the Attack on Titan series once more. 

During Anime Expo 2019, Anime Trending had the chance to preview Attack on Titan: Tactics and test a demo gameplay of the mobile game during a special session. 

What is Attack on Titan TACTICS?

DeNA, a Japanese e-commerce and mobile game company, has partnered with Kayac to develop and publish Attack on Titan TACTICS in Japan as well as the US, Canada, and Australia in early Fall 2019 with Crunchyroll. Attack on Titan TACTICS is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases and will soon be available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Based off the original manga and anime series, Attack on Titan TACTICS is a strategy tower defense game where players must defend the walls of the city by carefully building and deploying their Scout Regiment units to battle against the titans. 


The current main feature in the game is Story Mode, where chapters of the first season of Attack on Titan will be available for the players to play through.  

Unlike regular tower defense games where players set up their towers and wait for enemies to rush in, Attack on Titan TACTICS has a much faster pace. Players must be able to deploy specific scouts such as Jean, Reiner, Sasha, and many more depending on their specific abilities to deal with each wave of titans. Each character has a different animation, and when deployed on the field, they swing in with their chibi forms to slash and defeat the enemies. Each character has their own special abilities and belong to a specific class. For example, if one of the characters is getting eaten by a titan, players can deploy characters like Historia or Armin who will help immobilize the titans to save their fellow scout members. Players can also deploy cannons or heavy artillery traps that will help slow the titans down. There are slow titans, fast-running titans, and boss titans that appear at various points within the waves in the game, much like how titans have appeared in the anime. Taking into consideration the cooldowns and abilities that each scout has, players will have to strategically build their units and release the scouts at the right time and place to be able to counter the onslaught of titans. 

In addition to the gameplay, story mode also incorporates cutscenes from the anime show itself. From meeting the Colossal Titan for the first time to discovering Annie’s secret, fans of the Attack on Titan franchise may experience the story along with the meaningful moments from the first season. The game will also feature additional original stories that focus on the other characters.

Highlights and Thoughts

Some of the involving aspects of the game include its player-friendliness and illustrations. The game is easy to pick up and understand. Many of the main characters are available to play and the game will keep original Japanese voice acting and sounds while it is supported by the English text. The special battle animations include amazing scenes from the anime, and the sound effects perfectly complement the offensive moves against the titans.

One of the game’s best features is the summoning aspect, by using in-game currency to try to obtain stronger (and perhaps coveted) characters like Mikasa or Levi to deal with the tougher titans and harder levels. Another thing to look forward to is the in-game events as they will rotate on a seasonal basis, allowing players to gain additional game-specific items and opportunities to build stronger units to progress through the game.

Overall, the game’s combination of visual storytelling and player strategy involvement will serve as the game’s main attraction. The game immerses the player into the world of Attack on Titan, and will be a great refresher leading into the final season and ending to the highly-renowned series.

Attack on Titan TACTICS is now available for pre-registration across the US, Canada, and Australia.

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