ELEVEN ARTS Announces Millennium Actress Screening on August 13 & 19

ELEVEN ARTS anime studio alongside Fathom Events announced the US screening of the critically acclaimed remastered version of Millennium Actress in English sub on August 13 and English dub on August 19

Originally released in 2002, the theatrical release will feature the first English Dub of the anime series by VSI Los Angeles. Satoshi Kon, the director of the film, intended the movie to be a “sister film” of Perfect Blue but in a more brighter and more adventurous tone. Focused on empowering the protagonist, the film highlights the theme of an actress controlling her identity. 

Movie goers are encouraged to stay after the film to hear from producers Taro Maki and Masao Maruyama as they discuss Satoshi Kon’s legacy and the films impact on animation today. 

ELEVEN ARTS describes the show as:

Satoshi Kon’s masterful follow-up to Perfect Blue traces the career of a legendary actress, Chiyoko Fujiwara, as seen through the eyes of documentary filmmakers. Though Chiyoko has withdrawn into retirement, filmmaker Genya Tachibana receives the rare opportunity to interview her about her life. When he gives the actress a token from her past, Tachibana and his cameraman Ida are thrust into Chiyoko’s memories, reliving the key moments of her life and uncovering the truth behind her fabled career. This timeless tale of passion bends reality and delivers emotion in a way only Satoshi Kon could deliver.

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