Final Impressions: Midnight Occult Civil Servants

Season aired: Spring 2019

Number of episodes: 12

Genres: Supernatural, Mystery

Thoughts: Midnight Occult Civil Servants is about the story of Arata, an office worker who is recruited to a special division of the government that deals with supernatural happenings around Japan. Arata quickly realizes that he possesses a special gift his other coworkers do not have and learns to make use of it while bridging the gap between mortals and the occult.

I was fairly surprised at how much I enjoyed the series. For the first part, I didn’t think they would involve spirits and other supernatural beings from different countries. Angels, an Aztec god, and a demon of hell all have stories that take place within the series, and I learned a great deal of different mythologies from this series that goes past the usual Japanese ayakashi.

Main team (Source)

No true antagonists appear the series, but the team of protagonists are all likable and kind-hearted characters who want the best for people and spirits alike. I like how the story emphasizes the importance of communication as a way to bridge differences and to understand different lifestyles through Arata’s character.

However, even though I personally enjoyed the series, it is likely due to a combination of low expectations and personal preference. On a completely objective view, ignoring my tendency to favor stories about mythologies, the series has nothing that really stands out in the end. The seiyuus performed well but not amazing. The stories are entertaining but they do not intrigue or wow the audiences. The characters are relatable but not lovable. The animation falters in many places, and the character designs are fairly bland. Midnight Occult Civil Servants presents itself as a good anime but ultimately a completely forgettable one.

In the end, if you simply want to enjoy an anime series without too much investment, you should definitely give this anime a peek. But do not expect anything else than a series to pass some of your time.


Plot: 6

Characters: 7

Voice acting: 7

Art/Animation: 6

Soundtrack: 7

Total: 33

Multiplier: 2


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