Nariyuki Yuiga gets one step ahead of his rival Fuutarou Uesugi as the former becomes the first ever harem lead to top the male character charts. Uesugi only peaked at #3 during his time in the charts back in the Winter 2019 Anime Season. His series itself had a positive week this week as the series move back to #6, an improvement of 4 spots from last week.

Eiji Busujima meanwhile made a huge jump to #2, improving by 5 spots from last week. This just further solidifies for the last time the dominance of Senryu Girl in Anime Trending’s Charts, which has now by the way automatically qualified as ‘Anime of the Year’ in next year’s Anime Trending Awards as the series won the Last Week Advantage (LWA) chart of this season. The series’ titular character – Nanako Yukishiro kept her post at #1 for the second straight week in the female charts, while also keeping the same spot in the couple-ship charts with Busujima, also for the second straight week.

Yukishiro is followed by Kirisu Mafuyu (We Never Learn), who remains ahead of the other BokuBen girls but her ship with Yuiga is no longer the highest BokuBen ship as Fumino Furuhashi got past through her again, now at #2 this week. Mikasa Ackerman is back at her highest peak at #3, while her show also moves back to #2 this week.

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