Crunchyroll Announces Anime Expo 2019 Premieres, Activites

Crunchyroll announced its events, panels, world premieres, and activities at Anime Expo 2019. Below is an inexhaustible list of events Crunchyroll is offering: 

Panels at AX 2019:

  • World premiere of Dr. STONE with special guests
    • The show is slated to premiere July 2019
  • Crunchyroll Games Industry Panel
  • Crunchyroll x MAPPA Presents: Zombie Land Saga Stage Event & To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Premiere
  • Crunchyroll Presents: World Premiere with Mamoru Miyano – In/Spectre
    • The show is slated to premiere Winter 2020
  • Stay Crunchy! Those who live anime.
  • Crunchyroll Industry Panel
  • The Official Crunchyroll-Hime Panel!
  • Being LGBTQ+ in the Anime Community

Crunchyroll Onsite Events at AX 2019:

  • Demo the Crunchyroll Games  
  • The Shield Hero Training Room 
  • Tower of Slimes
  • Black Clover Photo Op

Anime Expo and Crunchyroll also announced an offsite venue titled Crunchyroll’s HQ at the Novo.

Stay tuned to details for Dr. STONE, In/Spectre, Crunchyroll x MAPPA panel reports.

Source: email correspondence

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