Interview with Hinata Sato at Anime Central

During Anime Central 2019, Anime Trending had the opportunity to sit down with Hinata Sato, the voice actress of Junna Hoshimi from Revue Starlight.  The anime series was one of three titles featured by Kinema Citrus staff at Anime Central.  Special thanks to Bushiroad for the opportunity. 

Thank you so much for coming out to Anime Central. A lot of the fans that are here were very excited to see you (myself included.)

So you like Starlight?

Yes, I am a fan of Starlight.

Thank you!

Revue Starlight just recently had its second year anniversary, how’s it been working these last two years on this project?

Last year was actually my first time going to Anisama (an anime summer music festival), so the variety of fans became a lot bigger.

In the anime for Revue Starlight, the song “The Star Knows” is a different arrangement of a song in the theatre production. Having to sing a different arrangement, was that easier, a little different, a little bit more difficult? Were you used to one and then have to change to the other and did that prove to be challenging in any way?

Not too difficult, because our group is almost all stage actresses.  It wasn’t too difficult because I had something of a mentor to look up to in Mimorin-san (Mimori Suzuko).

When you auditioned for the role (of Junna), were you auditioning for a specific role or was it more of a general audition?

I actually auditioned for the role of Hikari first.  After I met the director, however, they went into auditions and tried to look for the best fit within the 9 members.

This was also talked about a bit at the panel earlier today, but I’d like to talk about the game, since it came out so recently in the United States. Seeing as you’re a seasoned veteran of playing it, I was wondering if you had any tips for new players.

*laughs* We can make lots of rooms, so you can complete things like Mr. White goods, or Suzdal Cat goods, so you have to collect character goods!

Between acting on stage, acting in the booth for anime, and recording lines for the mobile game, what are some key differences between the three?

They are totally different.  For the stage, I am basically like a mirror reflecting what I hear from the audience and I give it back to the audience. And for the anime, I try to fit inside the setting and fit everything in there, so it’s not like the stage. The anime is less flexible.

When you started, you started out doing idol music when you were pretty young. What kickstarted it, did you have any inspiration for getting into the industry? What motivates you for your performances and your career?

Even if I try so hard, there’s always someone above me. So I try harder and harder every day, and that’s my motivation.

Since you’ve had the role of Junna for a while now, has your approach to performing as her changed since you started?

In the beginning, Junna was trying to hide her weakness with her strong mind, but right now it seems she is trying to push out her kindness.

There was an announcement recently for a short anime, Shoujo Conte All Starlight, are you looking forward to the project? The fans are very excited for the announcement, I wanted to hear from your perspective as well.

So the point I’m looking forward to, and I think everyone should be looking forward to, is unlike the anime, the anime only focuses on the 9 girls, but in this short anime, all the casts from Starira actually appear, so that is the point I think people should be looking forward to, and I am as well.

If you had the chance to participate in an audition like the ones in Revue Starlight, would you want to?

Me? No! I don’t like to fight.

I would imagine getting to meet the fans here in the US is very different than meeting the fans in Japan. Given the opportunity, what ways you would like to reach out to your fans across the globe? So beyond America and Japan.

The main point of Revue Starlight is that there’s a stage musical, and there’s also an anime, and the two have the same cast, the same girls, and the same voices. I want to emphasize that. In the future, if possible, I would like to go around the globe and perform the musical Revue Starlight with a worldwide theatre tour, and see the actual stages each country has, like how New York has Broadway, and see what they say about our performance.

What are some of your favorite experiences working with so many talented seiyuu?

Working with Mimorin-san, because when I was a high school student, I loved her, and I hoped someday I’d love to act with her on the stage.

So you’ve made it!


One question not about Revue Starlight, but about your role as Leah Kazuno. In the group Saint Snow from LoveLive! Sunshine!!, you do the rapping for a lot of those songs. Have you ever had any experience rapping before you had to do that for the show?

So I actually had a Japanese rapping group called Scha Dara Parr teach me how to rap.  I even had to read from a Japanese traditional card game, called “Hyakunin Isshu,”.  I had to practice rapping that. Until then, I didn’t know how to deal with embarrassment, but with that song I learned how to just break out with excitement.  To get excited and just do it

Are there any closing statements you would like to make to all your fans online?

This is my first time coming here to the US, and even though I’d studied English a lot, I felt that a lot of my English didn’t really go through to my fans to the point of understanding.  So next time I’d love to study more so I speak more English with fans and communicate a lot more. This time was Chicago, but next time I’d love to go to New York or California, especially since there were so many fans who flew here from California.  I would definitely love to come back again, improve my English a lot more, and have more communication with my fans. 

I want performances overseas!

Revue Starlight is now streaming on HIDIVE and VRV. The mobile app game, Revue Starlight Re LIVE, is also available on iOS and Android.

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