Top Isekai Anime to Binge from Crunchyroll

It’s summer break and school is out for students. The break serves as a great time to catch up on some anime and get transported away from the sweltering heat in certain parts of the globe.

Crunchyroll provided its top getaway isekai series for anime watchers to binge during the summer. For fans familiar and unfamiliar with isekai, Crunchyroll dived into the history of the popular genre in a video. 

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online returned with its third season titled Alicization last fall 2018. The 24 episode season dives into a new world, characters and adventure. Part two of Alicization is slated for October 2019. 

The Rising of the Shield Hero

One of the popular series of the year, The Rising of the Shield Hero has captivated fans throughout the community with its adventure and delightful music by Kevin Penkin. With the show entering it’s second cour, there is plenty to catch up on before things heat up once again. 

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

A personal fan favorite! Slime aired finished airing this past March after launching in October 2018. The 24 episode wholesome yet story driven anime has many captivating characters making you wish you were apart of the world. 

Here are the other top anime getaway titles from Crunchyroll: 

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