SHUFFLE: Anime Trending’s Newest Music Chart Coming Soon!

A Brand New Music Chart featuring the hottest Anisongs of the Week!


Anime Trending (AT) is set to release a brand new anime chart soon! 

This will be different from the seasonal soundtrack charts that AT typically releases. The basis for SHUFFLE is songs will be included into a poll based on the official release of the FULL version (predominately iTunes release). 

Here are the guidelines on SHUFFLE Anime Music Charts:

  1. Songs available for voting will be related anime-themed media which includes a TV anime series, movie and films, show, and games.
  2. Songs are to be only included in the poll once the FULL version is released. This excludes the TV size or promotional version. Unlike the seasonal soundtrack chart, insert songs and additional opening and ending songs from anime will be present. 
  3. The SHUFFLE Anime Music Charts will begin once 30 songs have been officially released starting June 1, 2019. For example if 30 songs are released by July 25th, the poll open once 30 songs are available. The first chart results would be released on the following Saturday after the poll begins.
  4. There will be some transition period for the SHUFFLE. The target number of songs to be included in the chart results is 100.
    • For the first phase, once 30 to 50 songs are released, the chart results will feature Top 20 Anime Songs of the Week. 
    • For the second phase, (51-69  songs), the chart would feature the Top 30 Anime Songs.
    • For the third phase, (70-109 songs), the chart would feature the Top 50 Anime Songs.
    • For the fourth and final phase (110 songs or more), the chart would feature the Top 100 Anime Songs.
  5. After the final phase, any songs that rank below the Top 100 and fail to return within the next 5 consecutive weeks would no longer be part of the poll choices. 
  6. Anime Trending will update the guidelines accordingly throughout the process to adjust for flow and optimal chart results. 
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