One-Punch Man enters the Shadowverse

Popular series One-Punch Man collaboration with Shadowverse

Cygames has announced the launch of a One-Punch Man tie-in event for its competitive card game Shadowverse, which kicked off on May 21 (PT).

The event will run until June 9 (PT) and features various One-Punch Man themed content. These include an exclusive One-Punch Man emblem and card sleeves for players who complete the tutorial and access the Home screen during this period.

The game will also add new leader cards via a May 21 update, which will be available until June 20 (PT). Saitama will be the first to enter Shadowverse, with Tornado and Genos joining afterwards. The three leaders will represent the Dragoncraft, Runecraft, and Portalcraft classes respectively. The leader sets will cost 500 crystals and come an emblem, flair, and card sleeves. Lucky players can also snag treasure chests, which have a chance of appearing at the start of matches during the event.

In addition, players can try to attain rewards through both Unlimited and Rotation-format ranked matches from May 23 (PT) until June 3 (PT). Victory rewards include alternate art for animated cards like Crush, Augmention Bestowal, and Wind Blast.

Cards of Gold rarity or higher can also be won, but only those from the five most recent card sets. These do not include cards that come with leaders.

Screenshots can be viewed below.

Source: Press Release, official tie-in website

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