Bisco Hatori, Creator of Ouran High School Host Club, comes to Anime Expo

Viz Media invites Ouran High School Manga Creator to annual anime convention

VIZ Media announced today that mangaka, Bisco Hatori, will be joining Anime Expo 2019 for her first overseas appearance. Her manga debut was A Moment of Romance. Since then, she has become well known for a number of beloved mangas such as Millennium Snow and Behind the Scenes!!!.

Bisco Hatori’s most famous work is the international bestseller Ouran High School Host Club. The series has inspired multiple audio drama adaptations, an anime television series in 2006, a live action film adaptation, and a visual novel by Idea Factory.

Viz Media describes the series as: 

In this screwball romantic comedy, Haruhi, a poor girl at a rich kids’ school, is forced to repay an $80,000 debt by working for the school’s swankiest, all-male club—as a boy! There, she discovers just how wealthy the six members are and how different the rich are from everybody else…

This year at Anime Expo 2019, Bisco Hatori will not only have a dedicated panel but also an autograph session. 

Anime Expo is one of North America’s most popular and well known anime convention. The 2019 convention will take place from July 4th–7th at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles, CA. 

Additional information on Bisco Hatori and other manga titles published by VIZ Media are available here

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