PATCH NOTES #2: New Changes in the Next Editions of Anime Trending Awards

The Following Changes would be effective starting Spring 2019 Anime Season

  • Awards for Best Short Anime and Best Sequel of an Anime will no longer be part of Anime Trending’s Roster of Awards, both in the seasonal and annual awards
    • Taken into consideration was how have the fans had received the aforementioned categories for the past five years.
  • ‘Couple-Ship of the Year’ Nominees will now be reduced to 3 nominees per each season (which means the number of final nominees will be a total of 12). Previously it was 5 nominees per each season totaling to 20 in the number of final nominees.
    • For the past 5 editions of the Anime Trending Awards, the winner of the award for Best Couple-Ship always fall into the seasonal champion or the runner-up. We believe that this will be a continuing trend in the next editions to follow. Same as last year, there will be no wildcard rounds to be held for the award.
  • Isekai Quartet will not be part of the Character Polls for Spring 2019
    • Due to the anime having an all-star casts of characters from various popular anime, to maintain fair play in the polls, it was decided to have them excluded from the character polls. Each respective characters and anime will have the opportunity to be spotlighted when new seasons simulcast. There might be a special poll to be held for them, so stay tuned for updates.
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