Anime Trending Chart Recap – Winter 2019 Week#11

It’s that time of the week! Here is your Anime Trending Weekly Chart recap for Week #10 of  the Winter 2019 Anime Season! This is the last charting week of the season and will formally conclude with the Winter 2019 Anime Awards to be held tomorrow, April 7!. 

In the most critical week of the season, The Rising of the Shield Hero scores an epic comeback to reclaim the top spot of the anime charts! With the votes being doubled this week, can the votes it gained this week be enough contribution for the overall seasonal tally of votes so it can win as ‘Anime of the Season’?

The Nino Gang meanwhile finally takes the throne in this week’s couple-ship chart after getting pass the Church of Miku last week. They defeated the Miyuki-Kaguya ship who fell down a spot this week although the half of the ship, Miyuki Shirogane have at least claimed the top spot for males for the first time. Kurumi Tokisaki has proven once again that she is a timeless waifu as she was able to win this week’s female charts and that’s considering 6 years since she was first introduced in the anime community.

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