Final Impressions: Attack on Titan S3

Season aired: Summer 2018

Number of episodes: 12

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Drama

Thoughts: Following much closer to Season 2 than Season 2 did to Season 1, Attack on Titan’s Season 3 (Shingeki no Kyojin) has returned to the fans’ hype and anticipation for their beautiful animation and epic soundtrack as humans fight mysterious thinking and non-thinking Titans. This anime could’ve stopped right there: a solid heart racing story about passionate people fighting for their lives against gigantic monsters. But Isayama-sensei took the harder route as Attack on Titan becomes a story of humanity, history, and moral grey lines where enemies are lurking beside you within your own country versus the outside world. Season 3 dives right into this change of atmosphere and plot as our team of heroes begin to realize that the true antagonists sat on political chairs and do not actually wander outside the walls.

And with that change, I can safely say that this season is incredibly adapted, beautiful, and the overall best season to the entire Attack on Titan storyline. And I’m speaking of the anime, not just the story it is adapting. As a manga reader, you would think I have no room to react when I know all the plot twists that were to come. You would be wrong. Even when knowing EXACTLY what would happen in the future, every twist and turn still sends chills and rises goosebumps all over my arms and legs. That is a testament to Wit Studio’s ability to not only do a story justice but to actually enhance it beyond the reader’s expectations.

Beautiful visual that summarizes the struggles of Eren

Eren, in my opinion, is thrown into his hardest arc yet with revelations that not only shook but actually shattered his iron will hatred and determination that everyone has gotten so used to. Yet, the stars of the show this season is not the three main characters but rather the supporting characters Historia, who could be counted as a main in the upcoming future, and Levi, whose mysterious background and true ability comes to light. It is addicting to watch Historia step from the cliché sweet angel who cared about everyone to the true person she had been hiding within himself. And when Levi whipped out the swords against a team of gunmen, only the anime and its animators were capable of truly bringing his badassery to life. It is simply not the same when you are just reading the panels.

Certain scenes from the manga were unfortunately skipped in the process of fitting this political arc into 12 episodes, but I personally didn’t mind this. Aside from one particular scene where Historia and Levi had an argument of sorts that I thought was pretty important, all the other skipped parts didn’t affect the story or the pacing negatively, and I think the end result of the Season 3 Cour 1 more than made up for any small scenes that had to be skipped.

I think the only real flaw of the season this time around is the cast of voice actors. While Yuki Kaji and Mikami Shiori really breathed life into their characters at crucial turning points, I felt like the rest of the cast wasn’t able to keep up with the passion that this anime had started out with. Granted, we hear very little of Mikasa throughout the 12 episodes this time around, but even the famous Daisuke Ono and Hiroshi Kamiya sound more tired for their roles. Whenever Levi or Erwin spoke, I no longer heard the characters but actually the voice actors themselves. That being said, I do think it’s unfair for me to not mention Erwin’s epic scene at the very last episode where Daisuke Ono fully returns as the character.

The return of the valiant Erwin Smith

And that’s all I will really write about Attack on Titan Season 3. It’s simply not possible to discuss further on the plot and character development without actually spoiling crucial details, and I want any of you who haven’t seen the anime to enjoy it to the fullest without being spoiled by. To me, this is the season that will truly go down in anime history. Aside from the beautiful animation and wonderful soundtrack that the anime has been consistently providing, it is Wit Studio’s faithfulness and passion for the changing story that allows Season 3 to be the success it is. And for that, I hope those who aren’t fans or who have decided to drop it to pick it up again once more.

Also, one last note: do NOT look away on the last episode. Ever.


I am planning to rate all my anime based on the anime rating system that Japanese anime critics use. I will have 5 categories, each with the top score of 10, and then a final multiplier of 2.

Plot: 9
Characters: 8
Voice acting: 7.5
Art/Animation: 9
Soundtrack: 8
Total: 39.5
Multiplier: 2



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