Attack on Titan scores historical win in the Summer 2018 Anime Awards

It was a day of historical and record-breaking moments with the Anime of the Season (AOTS) title win of Attack on Titan topping it all as it recorded the narrowest winning margin for the title in the history of Anime Trending, leading over by a mere 10 votes to the runner-up, Angels of Death – beating No Game No Life’s narrow win of 13 votes over Mekakucity Actors in Spring 2014. Even its lead over third and fourth place are the narrowest in history with it only being ahead of 14 votes over Cells at Work!, and 16 votes over Banana Fish respectively.

Not only did it break the record of the narrowest AOTS win, Attack on Titan also finally gave WIT Studio its first ever AOTS title after failing to clinch it in their past 3 attempts. Its most recent and closest attempt was with The Ancient Magus Bride in Fall 2017 where it finished as the runner-up, losing to Just Because. The series also puts a halt to the dominance of non-action themed anime, which won 13 out of the 19 AOTS titles – 7 of those from the past 8 seasons. The last time an action-themed anime won was Tales of Zestiria the X back in Summer 2016. It’s also only 1 out of the 4 sequels that won as AOTS.


Overall, Attack on Titan won the greatest number of awards this season – winning 4 awards in total: Favorite Action/Adventure, Favorite Sequel or New Season, and Favorite Female Character (Historia Reiss).   

Attack on Titan’s win marks the first time a chart returnee was able to seek redemption after losing the first time it was in the seasonal poll.


The Queen is finally crowned

Historia Reiss (Attack on Titan) was also crowned as this season’s “queen”, beating her twin sister (in appearance), Rachel Gardner (Angels of Death). It was a great start for Gardner in the weekly female character charts, but Reiss slowly started to catch up, ultimately overtaking Gardner during the 8th week of the season. Reiss would then reign for 3 weeks straight until Makoto Niijima (PERSONA5 The Animation), another “queen”, dethroned her on the last week.  

Though losing as this season’s favorite female character, Gardner’s voice actor, Haruka Chisuga, won the Favorite Ending Theme Song for her song, “Pray”. It is the second consecutive season where a voice actor won that award.

Joining Gardner, Reiss, and Niijima in the Final Top 5 Summer 2018 Female Characters and will automatically qualify for the Girl of the Year title are Red Blood Cell (Cells at Work!) and Niijima’s fellow Phantom Thief, Futaba Sakura, who qualified in the last minute, ousting Ayano Hanesaki (HANEBADO!) by a mere 5 votes.

Reiss’ reign this season is a stark contrast from the one she had in Spring 2017, where she never even made it even once in the season’s weekly female character charts and only managing to get a nomination and then winning the ‘Supporting Girl of the Year’ award at the 4th Anime Trending Awards.

It’s a different story meanwhile for Gardner’s co-lead, Zack Foster, who won this season’s Favorite Male Character. Foster was able to mostly stay within the Top 3 during the duration of the season’s weekly male character charts, only dropping once during the 4th week. He faced tough competition with 3 other male characters that includes this season’s winning couple-ship, Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura from Banana Fish, and White Blood Cell from Cells at Work! In the end, it all goes to who garnered the most votes throughout the whole season with Foster coming out on top, winning by a margin of 239 votes over White Blood Cell.

This makes Foster the 2nd character voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto to win the award, joining the four other seiyuu who were able to act 2 winning characters: Saori Hayami, Natsuki Hanae, Hiroshi Kamiya, and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka.


Though its senpai failed to win the main character awards from their show, the cute and lovely Platelet who took the anime community by storm will by winning the Favorite Supporting Female award. The hard working little cell actually scored first blood in the season’s weekly female character chart but due to decreased screen time, it slowly went down the charts.

Meanwhile, in what seems to be a final show of tribute by Banana Fish fans, Shorter Wong was voted as this season’s Favorite Supporting Male Character, winning convincingly by 385 votes over Erwin Smith (Attack on Titan).


Ceiling finally broken

After numerous failed attempts, the hard-core fans made history as they were able to bring Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura from Banana Fish to glory as they won this season’s Favorite Couple Ship award – marking the first time a non-straight pair taking the award.

Just like the other non-straight ships that attempted to be the first of their kind to win the said award, it was a hard-fought battle for the gangster pair from Banana Fish. Their closest competitor, Isaac Foster and Rachel Gardner from Angels of Death, though only winning once in the weekly couple ship chart of the season, have at least managed not to drop below the Top 3. In the end, Ash and Eiji took the top four times during the season and thus winning the 18th Couple-Ship of the Season of Anime Trending by 139 votes over the psycho pair from Angels of Death.

In the past, the furthest a non-straight ship has reached was runner-up by three ships: Viktor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki from Yuri on Ice!(Fall 2016); and Sorey and Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria the X (Summer 2016); and just within this year, Yuzu and Mei Aihara from Citrus (Winter 2018).  


Phantom Thieves In, Heroes out for the AOTY Race

My Hero Academia’s quest for a third consecutive nomination for Anime of the Year (AOTY) comes to an upsetting end as PERSONA5 The Animation finishes ahead of the latter in the Final Rankings for Summer 2018 Leftover Anime.  With Steins;Gate 0, the winner of the Favorite Leftover award this season, already nominated for AOTY last Spring, the wildcard spot allotted for Summer 2018 will be for whichever anime will finish highest next to it. Amazingly, the Phantom Thieves were able to knock the Heroes out of the competition, ousting them by over 267 votes, and by 6 to 2 in terms of head-to-head record of weekly wins during the entire stretch of the Leftover Charts.

Joining the Phantom Thieves in the AOTY Wildcard Rounds is Overlord whose third season made an impressive comeback after being booted out in just the third week of Summer 2018 – the same week its second season was booted out during the Winter 2018 charts.  It also won this season’s award for Favorite Fantasy or Magical.

Overlord knocks out Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger from the AOTS race. The vampire action thriller anime also missed out a chance to have an outright representative for the ‘Man of the Year’ Title as its male lead Yuliy Jirov was shy of 123 votes, losing the fifth and final spot to Banana Fish’s Eiji Okumura. Unlike the anime though, Jirov still has a second chance to qualify in the Joint Character Wildcard Rounds in December.

Despite missing out to be PA Work’s second anime to qualify for AOTY and the first one since Charlotte in 2015, it was still a good season for the Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger as it was able to win two awards: Favorite Original and Favorite Supernatural Anime of the Season.

Per the new AOTY qualification rules, if the #1 anime from the LWA Charts is already within the 5% trail range, the next highest-ranking anime must have at least reached #1 at least once. Overlord was quite short of this  and thus will need to go to the Wildcard Round first.


Road to #ATA2019: the 5th Anime Trending Awards


A total of 20 anime were able to at least secure a nomination for the 5th Anime Trending Awards. Listed below are the anime that qualified in the order of most number of nominations


Banana Fish  – 13 nominations

Attack on Titan S3  – 13 nominations

Cells at Work!  – 11 nominations

Angels of Death  – 10 nominations

Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger –  8 nominations

Asobi Asobase -workshop of fun- –  4 nominations

Grand Blue – 4 nominations

Revue Starlight – 4 nominations

Overlord (2018) – 3 nominations

Free! Dive to the Future –  2 nominations

PERSONA5 The Animation – 2 nominations (+7 from Spring 2018)

HANEBADO! –  2 nominations

Holmes of Kyoto –  2 nominations

Chio’s School Road – 1 nomination

How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord –  1 nomination

Planet With –  1 nomination

One Room S2 – 1 nomination

Music Girls –  1 nomination

Hi Score Girl – 1 nomination

Harukana Receive –  1 nomination


Highlighted in bold are the anime nominated for Anime of the Year

Updated List of Nominees of the 5th Anime Trending Awards can be seen here

Full Results can be seen here

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