Fate/Grand Order USA Celebrates 4 Million Downloads

On Monday, Aniplex of America announced Fate/Grand Order USA (English) has surpassed 4 million downloads after a year and four months since launch. The game was originally released in June 2017 and is now available in regions outside of the US and Canada including the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore and Thailand. 

In celebration of the milestone, players will receive rewards and log-in bonuses starting October 17th (Wednesday). Jeanne d’ Arc (Alter) [5-star Avenger-class servant] will also be returning to the summon circle after a brief appearance in April 2018. Despite the limited appearances, her popularity is among one of the highest within the FGO community. In-game, she is an incredibly powerful buster servant that helps masters clear through quests. 

Based on the banner, log-in bonuses during the “Five Part Campaign” will equal 7 saint quartz summon. Additional details will be announced soon.

Source: Press Release

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