Interview: Maquia When the Promised Flower Blooms, Maquia English Voice Actor

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms Dub will be airing in theaters starting September 21st. Anime Trending reached out to voice actor of Maquia, Xanthe Huynh, to talk about her experience and thoughts on this breathtaking project before it hits the big screen.

Maquia voice actor: Xanthe Huynh

Anime Trending: When you found out that you got picked for the titular protagonist of Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms, how did you react? And what were you most looking forward to as Maquia?

Xanthe Huynh: I was very excited when I was cast to be working with NYAV POST again on such a beautiful project! Based on the audition, I was looking forward to exploring the development of Maquia’s character from an insecure girl to a determined, caring mother.


Maquia is a character that goes through great tragedy, yet still somehow manages to laugh and smile, even at the very end. How did you bring this complexity in her character through in your voice acting?

Xanthe: Maquia has an innate kindness and compassion for others that is prevalent throughout the movie and I tried to convey that through the gentleness and melancholy of her tone.


Is there anything about Maquia’s character that you relate to with yourself?

Xanthe: I related with how Maquia always put family first before herself. Even though there may have been times where I questioned my decisions, I don’t regret doing everything I could to support my family.


What part of the movie did you find the hardest to voice act? It can be a particular scene, or it can be a particular attribute of Maquia as a character.

Xanthe: The bittersweet emotions of the ending were especially difficult because I was trying to keep my crying under control so that I could say my lines clearly. I also found it hard to find a good balance when she argues with Ariel, so she doesn’t sound too harsh.

Maquia and Ariel via Eleven Arts

Many people have lauded the story and Maquia as a character for its unique portrayal of feminism – one where the lead female does not have to be a warrior or a tech genius to represent the strength of women. Do you personally think of Maquia as a feminist character? If yes, what do you think her greatest strength is? If no, why?

Xanthe: Maquia is a great feminist character because she shows great emotional strength after the attack on her people and in her dedication for Ariel. I don’t think mothers get enough credit for the time and effort they spend on caring for their children because our culture has come to accept this as the norm. It’s fantastic to have a movie like Maquia highlight the complex emotions of motherhood and elicits great respect and compassion from viewers.


What did you think of Maquia and Lang’s relationship, something many fans rooted for?

Xanthe: It was interesting to tease the idea of Maquia potentially getting romantically involved. She understood the danger she posed to the people around her and I think she had decided long ago to not be a burden. Her decision was a strong way to show how much more she is willing to dedicate her life to Ariel’s happiness over her own.


The world of Iorph via Eleven Arts

If there’s anything you wish that could’ve been explored a little more in the world itself or a character, what would it be?

Xanthe: I wish there could have been more time to learn more about the Iorph people and their culture and see more of Maquia and Leillia’s relationship. I would have also liked to see what Krim had endured after the attack and his struggles to rescue Leillia.


Who is your personal favorite character in the movie and why?

Xanthe: My personal favorite character is Ariel. I adored seeing him grow as a child and I admired his decision to become independent to lessen the burden on his mother.


In your opinion, what is the most important message that Maquia: When the Flower Blooms wants to tell to the audience?

Xanthe: I think the most important message the movie tries to convey is to cherish the people that have raised you and the memories you share and to live a life that would make them proud.

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