Tada Never Falls in Love Reigns supreme in the Spring 2018 Anime Awards

Love is in the air once again as Tada Never Falls in Love was officially crowned as the Anime of the Season (AOTS) for Spring 2018, making it the fifth Romance Anime to win the top seasonal title in 6 seasons. The anime also took home 5 other awards which included two side category awards (Favorite Romance and Favorite Original Anime), Favorite Opening Theme Song for “Otomodachi Film” by Masayoshi Ooishi – which beats the popular songwriter Sawano Hiroyuki’s “Binary Star” in a close margin of 68 votes; Kaoru Ijuuin meanwhile wins the Favorite Supporting Male Character for the anime series, this after successfully leading the ship to sail for the series’ lead couple, Mitsuyoshi Tada and Teresa Wagner, who in turn wins as this season’s Favorite Couple-Ship.

Tada Never Falls in Love becomes the first AOTS title for Doga Kobo winning by a commanding lead of 370 votes over Steins;Gate 0 – which in turn fails to give White Fox its first AOTS title, marking the third time that the studio ends up being a bridesmaid in the seasonal awards. Steins;Gate 0 dominated though in the side categories, winning 4 awards that includes Favorite Drama, Favorite SciFi or Mecha, Favorite Sequel or New Season, and Favorite Mystery or Psychological Anime. Though it was not able to win as AOTS, Steins;Gate 0 still has episodes to air this coming Summer and has a chance to make a better impression for fans before the polls begin for the Anime of the Year (AOTY) title for the upcoming 5th Anime Trending Awards (ATA 2019).



“You’ll Never See It Coming”

The Joker, Ren Amamiya (PERSONA5 The Animation) wins as the ‘Favorite Male Character’ for Spring 2018, denying the red-head chef, Souma Yukihira (Food Wars! The Third Plate 2018) the chance to score a three-peat for the award. Amamiya, who seems to be successful in carrying over that ‘bae’ aura to the anime itself, was also able to cut Yukihira’s 22 consecutive winning streak in the weekly male character charts during the 5th week of the season and was able to win 2 more weeks after that.

It has been a rocky season for Yukihira who was only able to win 3 out of the 9 charting weeks for the Character Charts, getting passed through once by not only Amamiya, but also by the Rintarou Okabe (Steins; Gate 0) and Mitsuyoshi Tada (Tada Never Falls in Love). For someone who was able to have two seasonal clean sheets, the competition he faced is quite unexpected for many, most especially for the red-haired chef – which as the lyrics of one of PERSONA5’s theme songs go – had “never seen it coming”.

Despite not winning this season, Yukihira is still though included for next year’s nominees for Man of the Year (MOTY), marking his 4th straight appearance for the said title, which he first won back in 2016. His nomination will be the only nomination that the Food Wars! will have in the upcoming 5th Anime Trending Awards in February 2019. For Amamiya, his nomination is just one of the 7 nominations that PERSONA5 The Animation would have, notably also including Best in Soundtrack, in which the anime’s original source is already well-known for.

Yukihira’s power to dominate an entire season seems to have transferred to Karen Kohiruimaki (SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online) who won as this season’s Favorite Female Character. The pink loli shooter won 8 out of the 9 charting weeks and was only interrupted once during the season’s 4th week by Teresa Wagner (Tada Never Falls in Love), but went on to win for 7 consecutive weeks – the longest winning streak ever by a female character since Shirayuki’s (Snow White with the Red Hair) 9-week winning streak in Winter 2016.



Kohiruimaki’s voice actress’ (Tomori Kusunoki) song “To see the Future” won as this season’s Favorite Ending Theme Song for SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online, after staying undefeated for the whole duration this season’s soundtrack charts. The anime series itself had a very good showing in this season’s top anime charts, placing 3rd overall in the end and earned a spot as a nominee for ATA 2019 Anime of the Year – something many would also say, they “never saw  it coming” especially for an anime that was actually a spin-off of the original show that seems to have a polarized perception among the anime community. SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online earned quite a lot of positive reviews and is nominated for a total of 10 awards in the upcoming ATA 2019, almost getting nominated in all 6 Aspect Awards except for Best in Sceneries and Visuals.


Noobles, Anime Trending’s Editor-in-Chief was able to have a chance to interview the anime’s original author, Keiichi Sigsawa, who was also the author of Kino’s Journey, back in last year’s Crunchyroll Expo.

Aside from Best in Sceneries and Visuals, the 6 Aspect Awards includes Best in Animation Effects and Sequences, Best in Adaptation, Best in Character Design, Best in Ensemble and Best in Soundtrack



Hinamatsuri dominates the nomination count tally for ATA 2019 among the Spring 2018 anime, earning a total of 12 nominations, which includes Anime of the Year and most coming from Character Awards. The anime was almost able to fill out the entire ‘Girl of the Year’ nomination slots for the season, having 3 of the 5 spots available occupied by Hina, Anzu, and Hitomi Mishima – quite reminiscent of Blend S’ stint of occupying all of the Supporting Man of the Year spots for Fall 2016.  The latter two girls mentioned are also nominated for ‘Supporting Girl of the Year’.


As mentioned, Hinamatsuri also qualifies for the ‘Anime of the Year’ (AOTY) title for the 5th Anime Trending Awards in February next year, thanks to it being the highest-ranking anime during the Last Week Advantage Polls of Spring 2018 that didn’t secure the 5% trailing benchmark and for at least reaching the top spot once.  The number of nominations the anime got, especially for the character awards alone is somewhat not surprising given that based on feedback by most viewers, the anime was comedy gold, distinctly marked by the picture below:


This season alone, Hinamatsuri was able to win the award for Favorite Comedy and Favorite Supernatural, while Anzu wins the Favorite Supporting Female Character, which can be attributed to the observable emotional attachment of its fans to her story.



My Hero Academia fails to qualify for AOTY – for now

If Hinamatsuri was able to luckily cling onto the AOTY nomination by a thread, for the third season of My Hero Academia, it’s an entire different story. The anime which placed 6th overall in the final tally of polls for ATA 2018 Anime of the Year was shockingly not able to secure a third consecutive AOTY nomination for ATA 2019, after a disappointing chart performance for Spring 2018 that almost booted the show  out of the Top 10 during the 8th week of the seasonal charts. As fate might have it, My Hero Academia only finished  at 6th place overall for the season. The anime didn’t even win a single award this season, losing to SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online for Favorite Action or Adventure; and to Steins;Gate 0 and Lostorage conflated WIXOSS for Favorite Sequel or New Season Anime.

My Hero Academia  still has  a second chance though to qualify for AOTY if it  manages to win the Leftover Polls this coming summer and make it to Wildcard Rounds in December, facing the other seasonal leftover winners and those anime that had a bundled release.

For now, the anime at least secured a nomination for Man of the Year and Supporting Man of the Year, courtesy of Izuku Midoriya and Shouto Todoroki.


Road to #ATA2019: the 5th Anime Trending Awards


A total of 20 anime were able to at least secure a nomination for the 5th Anime Trending Awards. Listed below are the anime that qualified in the order of most number of nominations

Hinamatsuri – 12 nominations

SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online – 10 nominations

Tada Never Falls in Love – 10 nominations

Steins;Gate 0 – 8 nominations

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku – 8 nominations

PERSONA5 the Animation – 7 nominations

My Hero Academia S3 – 7 nominations

Lostorage conflated WIXOSS – 5 nominations

Legend of the Galactic Heroes – Die Neue These – 5

Tokyo Ghoul:re – 4

Megalo Box –  5 nominations

Comic Girls – 3 nominations

Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits – 2 nominations

Food Wars! The Third Plate (2018) – 1 nomination

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – 1 nomination

Golden Kamuy – 1 nomination

Real Girl – 1 nomination

My Sweet Tyrant – 1 nomination

Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan – 1 nomination


Highlighted in bold are the anime nominated for Anime of the Year

Updated List of Nominees of the 5th Anime Trending Awards can be seen here

Full Results can be seen here


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