Interview: “Kase-San and Morning Glories” Director & Producer at Anime Expo 2018

Anime Expo 2018 hosted the US premiere of Kase-San and Morning Glories, an original anime video directed by Takuya Sato (Steins;Gate, selector). PONY CANYON brought Director Takuya Sato and Producer Yusuke Terada as special guests for the premiere.

Originally written by Hiromi Takashima, the elegant series tells the tale of two high school girls and their transpiring relationship. 

Kase-San and Morning Glories is described as: 

“Please, let Kase-san like me…”

Yamada is a shy high school student on the Greenery Committee.

The beautiful track and field star, Kase-san, is a student in another class.

They’ve never spoken to each other before, but one day, the morning glory blossoms planted by Yamada draw the two girls closer together…

We fortunately had the chance to talk to Director Takuya Sato and Producer Yusuke Terada during Anime Expo at the pre-US premiere press conference interview.

Takuya Sato: The story is very simple. It’s about two girls who fall in love and the glories of youth. When I picked up the first volume, it was a coincidence and I realized immediately that I needed to make an anime.

When asked about the complications or differences between the manga and anime, Sato-san replied: “It was a difficult decision on which parts to present. We skipped the beginning as the film does not focus too much on how they met. We really wanted to focus on the relationship.”


Anime Trending asked if there were any challenges with working on a TV anime series versus an anime film.

Sato-san: I’m a really big fan of anime films. In Japan, there aren’t a lot of anime films as studios are working on full anime series.


Elaborating on films, Sato-san commented on the many works that influenced him. It included the 1972 film Melody Fair, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Carol, and screenwriter Sophia Coppola.

In the concluding remarks, Terada-san encouraged fans to talk about Kase-san.

Terada-san: In Japan, we’ve received many wonderful comments. We were very astonished. We would like to see all the viewers post their comments on their Twitter accounts and blogs, and spreading the word about the film. The comments energizes the staff and make the staff feel very encouraged.  As a producer, direct comments get approvals! English comments are also okay as I will search Kase-san. (laughter)

During the US premiere screening, both Director Takuya Sato and Producer Yusuke Terada were present to kickstart the event.

Sato-san: I’ve worked with Kyuta Sakai before with movies and animations such as Steins;Gate, Strawberry Marshmallow and selector infected WIXOSS. As we made all these films, Kase-san is almost like the climax or highlight of all these films.

The reason is because Kyuta Sakai really liked the manga and original story. She was a huge fan of the story! When I first found out about the story, I read it and liked it. I brought it up to Kyuta Sakai and asked if she knew about the story. She replied, “Of course I do!” There’s a lot of staff involved with the film and that I’d love to talk about.

Sato-san: Next, I’d like to talk about the man behind the background graphics of the anime. Mr. Kazuyuki Hashimoto did the visuals and background for the film. His style was very stylized with fluid watercolors. I thought his watercolor style of the renderings was incredibly important for the movie.

The rendering of the background uses very subtle color. But the animation itself as a whole has a very strong story. It’s a combination of things we wanted to try out and see how it’d work. We greatly appreciate to see how you would respond to that.

Terada-san: “The original story was written by Hiroti Takashima. In Japan, there are five volumes [that have been] released. In North America by Seven Seas, there are four published volumes of the manga.”

In celebration of the US-premiere, there was also a short video message by the three main voice actresses: Minami Takahashi as Yui Yamada, Ayane Sakura as Tomoka Kase and Ibuki Kido as Mikawa.

Special thanks to PONY CANYON for the amazing opportunity.

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