Amamiya takes lead in latest Spring 2018 Male Charts, ends Yukihira’s 22-week unbeaten streak

Ren Amamiya topples Souma Yukihira

There would be no clean sheets this season for Souma Yukihira, as Ren Amamiya from Persona5 put a stop to his record breaking 22-week winning streak, the longest ever in the history of the Anime Trending Character Charts.

Before the Phantom Thief Leader took the Red Headed Chef’s crown away, who were the characters that were close to overthrowing Yukihira in the past 22 weeks that he reigned? Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Throughout his 22-week unbeaten streak, Yukihira was able to stand against 14 different characters to retain his #1 position, with Rei Kiriyama from March Comes In Like A Lion Season 2 being the most serious threat to his crown. Kiriyama was four times a runner-up in the Character Charts, followed by Angelo Lagusa from 91 Days who was thrice a runner-up to Yukihira.

With Food Wars! The Third Plate not doing well in the Top Anime Rankings so far, doubts have been raised on whether Yukihira would be able to regain the crown, or if he too would be washed away by the anime’s poor chart performance.


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