PATCH NOTES #1: New ‘Anime of the Year’ Qualification Rules

Over the past few weeks since the 4th Anime Trending Awards ended, we begun to discuss internally on what changes we make to enhance our awards.  So far, we have concluded to revise our qualification rules for the Anime of the Year (AOTY) as stated in the following:

An anime is no longer required to obtain more than 50% of the total votes casted throughout the whole season in order to qualify for the ‘Anime of the Year’ (AOTY) title. Instead, an anime title would just need to either win the ‘Anime of the Season’ (AOTS) Award or just make sure that it does not trail behind the winner by more than 5%.

AT Note: With an increase amount of votes each season, it has become incredibly hard for certain anime to receive 50% + 1 of the votes. Therefore, any anime within 5% of the number one anime would include the top several anime.

The Last Week Advantage (LWA) Polls will change. Aside from the double week win towards the total tally, whichever anime tops the LWA will qualify as an AOTY nominee. If the anime has already secured a nomination spot from the previous statement, the next anime that does not have a spot will be a nominee for AOTY – as long as it was able to reach the top spot at least once during the season.

AT Note:  LWA is essentially the FINAL seasonal poll and chart. It begins once most, if not all, top anime have finished airing. As a result, it serves as the final way to convey your thoughts on the anime after it has concluded. Therefore, any anime that had a remarkable ending now have a chance to become AOTY nominees.

Wildcard Rounds for AOTY would still be held at the end of the year but even this will change slightly. In the past, only the winners of the Special Leftover Polls held every season competes in the wildcard rounds. This year, we are planning to also add anime that are released in one sitting (ex. Netflix’s Devilman Crybaby and B: The Beginning). Anime that are released in one sitting have a difficult time to compete with other ongoing, weekly anime. As a result, the wildcard round will serve as a chance for those anime to secure a spot for AOTY nominee.

The general procedure behind the wildcard round is still up in the air. With an increased amount of anime entering the wildcard, compared to only a handful of anime in past years, we will continue to look into the methodology for the wildcard as the date nears.

Please let us know if you have any feedback, thoughts or concerns! We hope the new changes will help anime that have late-developments and those that left a lasting impact once they it has concluded.

Thank you!

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