Jikan no Shihaisha Final Impressions

Season Aired: Summer 2017

Number of Episodes: 13

Genres: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Thoughts: Surprisingly similar to the plot of Katsugeki Touken Ranbu, Jikan no Shihaisha focuses on a group of heroes that fight time demons who go around sucking literal time out of humans, eating them as nutrients. The main character, Victo, himself was a victim to a time demon years ago and now retains a very youthful appearance of a teenager despite being much older than he looks.

It sounds interesting, but the anime did everything but deliver the actual potential it withheld. The best parts of each episodes are the comedic scenes, not the actual fights or the emotional moments. Characters remained relatively one-dimensional until the last few episodes surrounding Mina. The fights were generic at best with each character yelling out vague attack names and with little strategy embedded into the actual fights.

What was most disappointing was the world that surrounds the anime. I was thoroughly intrigued in the beginning episodes. There’s a secret society of time demon fighters called Chronos, and a time goddess who overlooks them all. There should be enough mystery surrounding the protagonist who remains in desperate search of his past, the secret society, and even where the time demons originated. Yet, the storyline capitalized on none of these, giving only vague explanations to each conflict and having them resolved either too quickly or too slowly.

The two main protagonists

None of the characters were particularly memorable. Not even award winning Kaito Ishikawa or Jun Fukuyama could breathe life into the flat characters who remained largely undeveloped until the very end where a less than spectacular step was taken by Victo. Other characters such as Mina and Blaze remained static and constantly annoying, only providing a few comedic moments to enjoy. Ironically, it was the antagonist that remained the most interesting among a team of heroes that I could care less about.

It wouldn’t do me justice though to not mention the soundtrack. If there was anything in particular that this anime did pull off, it was the background music. When the fights began, despite every single one being particularly lackluster, I still found myself perking thanks to the ingenious orchestrations. The beginning and opening theme songs are also very addicting, and ones that I find myself never skipping.

However, when the plot and characters kicked in, I could care less about the story and waited simply to see what finally resolves the whole thing. There’s a cheesiness that resembles old anime that might trigger some nostalgia, but it isn’t enough to save the entire show. All in all, I recommend this show to no one, but recommend for everyone to check out the music.


I am planning to rate all my anime based on the anime rating system that Japanese anime critics use. I will have 5 categories, each with the top score of 10, and then a final multiplier of 2.

Plot: 4

Characters: 4

Voice acting: 7

Art/Animation: 7

Soundtrack: 9

Total: 31

Multiplier: 2


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