Sagrada Reset Final Impressions

Season aired: Spring 2017

Number of episodes: 24

Genres: Supernatural, Mystery, Romance

Thoughts: I ended up really enjoying and falling in love with the storyline, but I will admit there’s a fatal flaw to the anime: the incredibly slow beginning. As someone who does not drop any anime after starting, I was blessed to have continued and to see the plot and story as it really is. However, I do not have a doubt that there are viewers out there who could not sit through the first eight or so episodes that it took before the plot truly rocketed.

Sagrada Reset (also known as Sakurada Reset) takes place in a magical town in Japan where anyone who enters develops a single power, and anyone who leaves immediately forgets about their past and involvement with the town. We follow the main character, Kei Asai, whose powers, though mundane on paper, come with a powerful twist when coupled with other powers involved. When a tragic incident spurs Kei to assist others who struggled in the town, he finds himself inexplicably involved with many different people and a convoluted “spell” cast by a “witch”.

Confused? Well, this is a confusing anime – especially at the beginning. The first few episodes begin with a single mystery for Kei to solve, though the mystery itself isn’t quite interesting in the end. Even worse, embedded in those simple episodes are conversations between the characters could easily lose a casual viewer. There were many theoretical topics explored, often obscure and rarely heard of, including: Swampman, MacGuffin, and Justice. I found myself wondering what the point of such philosophical discussions was to the cases being presented.

But nothing is without a purpose, and every seemingly pointless philosophical conversation all contributed to the actual plotline when the main antagonist was finally introduced. And when the antagonist began to take steps towards his goal, the ride is quite the wild one.

Layered in moral dilemmas and ethical situations, the story became so good that I soon found myself unable to wait for the next episode each week. It was incredible for it to transition from an anime I simply watched, to an anime I was absolutely addicted to. The characters might appear colorless in the beginning, but as every good story should do, developments are made, and colors eventually filled in the black and white.

Other small details to note include good openings, good animation, and excellent voice acting – specifically Yuuki Aoi as Soma Sumire. However, it was  ultimately the plot and characters that raised this anime up on my favorites list and had me write such a glowing review.

Yuuki Aoi shines as Soma Sumire

All in all, Sagrada Reset is an absolutely enchanting anime with an enchanting town filled with enchanting people. But there is no doubt that the slow beginning would push people away. For anyone who happens to love the theoreticals and philosophicals, please, please sit through the first few episodes, because you won’t be disappointed! Please read below if you’d like to see my ratings.


I am planning to rate all my anime based on the anime rating system that Japanese anime critics use. I will have 5 categories, each with the top score of 10, and then a final multiplier of 2.

Plot: 8

Characters: 7

Voice acting: 9

Art/Animation: 7

Soundtrack: 7

Total: 38

Multiplier: 2


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