Nominees of the 7th Anime Trending Awards
Anime Of The Year
Haikyu!! To the Top
Production I.G
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Anime Synopsis
After their success in the regionals earned the Karasuno boys' volleyball team a spot in the Spring Tournament, everyone's hyped up, and things are about to get even more intense. There are two special training camps taking place over the winter, and two members of Karasuno's team get to go. It's no surprise that Kageyama will be heading to Tokyo to a special Youth Japan camp, from which the top under-19 players are chosen, but this year there's also a camp within the prefecture for the best first-year players, and Tsukishima has been selected to participate. But that leaves Hinata out in the cold, and it's not something he's going to stand for – if he's not chosen, then he'll just make them acknowledge him: he'll infiltrate the prefecture camp.
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